From my humble roots ... creation of First Pick Valet

First Pick Restroom Valet came about in different stages

1'st after working shifts for a roommate as a Restroom Attendant in Orlando Fl ... thus enabling him to go home ( Maracaibo, Venielua) to see his parents for Christmas.

I then continued to work shift in addition to my full-time career and owner of a Funeral Home ... I truly enjoyed it more' being the Funeral Director I was I improved and filled in the guest service gaps that at that time was not included in the daily service at the venue.

I then went on a made a career change and work for the company that provided the valet service at the venue in Orlando

After years of being the Vice President of Operations, I decided that I needed to do my own company; because of what was missing from the company that I was currently running as there were no means to an end to get changes that I saw necessary in this business

So have too much contemplating in soul-searching First Pick Restroom Valet was born May of 2011.

To serve the needs of the owners and managers of venues with restroom problems during the operating hours of clubs, nightclubs, hight end restrooms and special event From coast to coast. Which ultimately adds need value to a venues client experience.

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