First Pick Valet was founded in 2011 and has become the fastest growing Restroom Valet Company in America. We specialize in superlative service  we are never in jeans and tee shirt or  plastic tip bowl and have a 98% show up rate, within areas which most adult entertainment clubs, night clubs, and restaurants fail to provide for their customers; when they visit their facilities’ restrooms.


When a customer steps into a restroom that is staffed by First Pick Valet,  they are amazed; gone are the days of an attendant having a sign up " We Work for Tips Only",  reading a book or watching some streaming video; Instead they are greeted by a professional valet; carefully selected and highly trained to make this usually mundane “ bathroom trip”, into part of a totally special night out. Their customers know that they are in an establishment that is several elegant steps above the average, and one who really cares.


The advantages we provide for our clients can be best proven by contacting our ever growing list of satisfied businesses. Not only have they experienced significant growth in their weekly numbers they are also assured that their place of business is; safer, cleaner, and in every way better for their customers. 


Our President Jon Campanelli has been in this industry for  over 20 years and knows exactly what is needed to make a customer’s simple visit to the restroom an actual; “WOW, this must be how the other half lives!” He has always believed that the most successful people, or businesses, succeed by paying attention to detail. He has dedicated himself and First Pick, to take perfect care of this one small area. 


Mr. Campanelli believes that the restroom is usually thought of as an “indoor outhouse”. No employee of a facility wants or gives a thought to maintaining clean, well stocked, well-managed restrooms, and they treat anything even related to restrooms as punishment duty, as a manager or owner, you know this as a fact.


Jon, however, is extremely selective with which businesses he will serve, he believes the only way to continually provide outstanding services is to remain small enough to have his finger on every aspect of the operation. Small is beautiful because small is the only way to ensure quality. He takes his time and carefully makes sure there is a fit for both parties before he agrees to a location.


This company, First Pick Valet, is worthy of your consideration, and we welcome your inquiry and questions. 


The company currently operates 15 locations in  FL, MO, IL, KY, OK, TX


                Contact Jon Campanelli, President

                       Phone: 407-494-7425


                    Jon @FirstPickValet.com



At First Pick Valet, we cater to a diverse variety of venues, without compromising the dispensation of service.